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7 Fun Things To Do with Your Friends at a Local Tavern

Spending quality time with your friends is fun.


It can also impact your life with a multitude of long-term physical, psychological, and emotional health benefits.

Healthy relationships, according to various studies, can reduce grief, make aging more enjoyable, and offer the motivation you need to attain your personal goals.

Keeping positive relationships with your friends together with exercise and healthy eating are key to living a happy and fulfilling life.

The strength of an individual’s social circle, according to a 2019 study published in the PLOS ONE journal, was a better predictor for happiness, self-reported stress, and general wellbeing.

The findings were compared and found to be better than using a fitness tracker to gather data on heart rate, physical activity, and sleep.

The strength of one’s social circle was measured using outbound and inbound cell phone activity.

Based on the study findings, the “quantified self” indicated using unlimited health data amounts doesn’t tell the entire story. 

Other benefits of spending time with your friends include:

  • ·         Aging more gracefully
  • ·         Improved happiness
  • ·         Boosts achievement of weight and fitness goals
  • ·         Boosts the immune system
  • ·         Lessens grief
  • ·         Creates future opportunities and long-term relationships
  • ·         Longer lifetime due to better cognitive functions, good episodic memory, and reduced allostatic load.
  • ·         Stress relief and better ways to cope with it
  • ·         Improved mental health or psychological wellbeing
  • ·         Better ability to make positive choices
  • ·         Improved self-esteem
  • ·         Enhanced cardiovascular health

Whichever reasons you enjoy spending time with friends, heading to your favorite local tavern is one fun way of sharing great times together.

Here’re a few interesting ways to have a good time at a local tavern with your friends:

7 Ways to Spend Time with Your Friends at a Tavern Nearby

1)    Enjoy a trivia game on a trivia night

Find out if the tavern has a trivia night to play your favorite trivia game. You’ll find a classic game such as PubStumpers that’s popular in North America.

Trivia game kits come with game materials, including questions and answers to engage you and your friends.

Alternatively, develop your own trivia game based on something you love, such as pop culture, politics, history, or a mix of any two themes.

Compete with other teams at the tavern to win the final prize. Accompany the game with a special drink and menu for a great time with your friends.

2)    Watch a favorite movie or show

You can also watch a movie or show with your friends at a tavern. Consider dressing up to get into the mood of the moment.

Think of throwback movies, series or season finales, or pre-show Oscars.

3)    Play a board game

Boardgame nights at local taverns are a good way for you and your friends to rouse yourselves to a round of ladders and snakes paired with a beer or two.

Some taverns can even allow you to bring your own board game to play with your friends.

Don’t forget to enjoy menu offerings with deals and plates you can share with your friends on draught pitchers.

4)    Indulge in a paint night experience

Are you a group of friends who are artists or simply love painting?

If yes, you’ll enjoy a paint night at a local tavern.

Join Yaymaker with your friends to be paired with a local tavern or bar that’s hosting a paint night. Make sure that your tavern provides you with soft water to mix your paints.

You can ask if they have water softeners such as the best Fleck for softening hard well water. You’ll need soft water for your mixed paint to hold it in place longer.

A few glasses of cocktails or drinks with your friends will complete your night.

5)    Go for a speed dating event

Escape from endless swiping on your phones to a speed dating event.

Turn up with your friends for classic events. You’ll be rotating across different seats as you talk to potential dates or partners.

Break the ice with drinks or sample questions to keep you and your friends engaged. You never know, one of your friends may just find their life partner through a speed dating event.

6)    Join a tournament

Some taverns hold tournaments you can join with your friends.

Ranging from table football to pool to the classic pub quiz, you can play all kinds of games at a tournament with your friends. Find out in advance what games are being played at the tournament.

You can even request a specific game your friends prefer to be added to the tournament. You’re guaranteed a great time together.

Alternatively, consider Bar Olympics as you deem fit.

7)    Turn up for drinking games

Love the taste of booze in the company of your friends?

Check out when your favorite tavern is hosting drinking games to join with your buddies. Drinking games, such as Drunk Jenga, are quite engaging for you and your team.

However, make sure you don’t overdo it because the games can be dangerous.

Alternatively, go for a tasting event at your favorite tavern if there’s one on schedule.

Bonus Tip: You can also visit a tavern with your friends to dance to your favorite songs and tunes all night long.